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Cypress Saw Mill Serving Florida

Axley Bros. Saw Mill, based out of Pinellas County, is dedicated to customer service and quality products at low prices! If your looking for something that you cant find here use the contact form on this site or give us a call at 727-531-8724! We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why use Cypress?

Cypress is in the same family of woods as Redwood and Cedar. So the characteristics are very similar in that they are termite and rot resistant, very durable outside, warping and twisting is minimal.

What about pressure treated Pine?

There are many cases where PT should be the wood of choice but, for fencing, Gazebo's, pergala's, trellis', decking, exterior siding and other outdoor uses cypress is an excellent cost effective choice.

Can cypress be used inside?

Yes! We sell 1 x 6 tongue and groove cypress that is used for ceilings, paneling, and sometimes outdoor siding. Many people when looking for that "Rustic" look use rough cypress indoors for paneling and exposed beams.

What does rough sawn mean?

Our lumber is not smooth like you buy at regular lumber yards. That doesn't mean it is full of bark, it is just a little "fuzzy". This is good lumber that is square and straight. Also our lumber is full size, a 2 x 4 measures a full 2" x 4" and so on.

Why Axley Bros.?

We are an established business in the same location for 40 years run by the same family. Our master sawyer is the manger so we have excellent quality control. Being a family run business we all work together so you don't get the run around.

Why cypress over redwood or cedar?

Cypress is very cost effective becasue it is naturally grown here in Florida.
Contact Axley Bros Saw Mill today at 727-531-8724 for all of your cypress needs.